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2021-06-09 08:05:25 AM - Wednesday
Carbon is running. I need to create a custom Rsyslog module.

2021-06-06 01:08:39 PM - Sunday
I got graphite running with events.

2021-06-03 08:53:52 AM - Thursday
I need to roll back further. Keep event streams standard, and use lookups/mappings to associate with the data flow model.

2021-06-02 04:52:28 PM - Wednesday
I need to keep focus on the fact that this is data flow telemetry for event streams. This means that I should roll back the graphical representation. The ugly stuff for the labels is less important than finishing the telemetry specs and documenting.

2021-06-01 06:50:22 AM - Tuesday
I set up the minimal blog in vim. The intent is to focus on the remainder of Signal Q unification and completion. At this point, the first major task is to fix the console and view programs to work with a full set of metadata rather than hacks based on names.

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