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2021-07-28 05:28:54 AM - Wednesday
Triple stamps signature method is working.

2021-07-25 09:02:30 AM - Sunday
I have found a terminal, Kitty, that will display triples inline with graphics. I've made some progress on the shell client that utilizes this terminal for visibility.

2021-07-18 10:06:01 AM - Sunday
Synchronous updates to diagram over MQTT w/ multiple UIs is working.

2021-07-15 05:26:22 PM - Thursday
Created plan/diagram for April, and got MQTT working.

2021-07-14 08:46:56 PM - Wednesday
I created a module that takes a pandas DataFrame and returns elements and stylesheet list of dicts for Dash.

2021-07-13 05:34:18 AM - Tuesday
I got Graphviz layout to work with Cytoscape.js.

2021-07-12 08:39:36 AM - Monday
I retrieved the last valid set of triples for a particular graph from TSDB.

2021-07-11 08:59:47 AM - Sunday
I've verified that Plotly Dash works for interactive graph and operational data. I am reworking my tools to use this tech.

2021-07-03 04:25:54 AM - Saturday
I have found a solution end-to-end with an initial set of requirements. It appears that TimescaleDB (TSDB) fed with Telegraf works for acquiring and storing the time-series data, and Dash works for interactive analysis. It took me awhile to move through the advances in this area since 2010. As a plus, most of what I imagined in 2010 is here in the now.

2021-06-29 08:17:50 PM - Tuesday
I am comparing many different time-series databases and ways to feed them. Standby.

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